Chinese women’s football team defeated Myanmar Asian Cup 2-0 and advanced to Canada World Cup _1

Chinese Women’s Football Team defeated Myanmar Asian Cup with two consecutive victories and advanced to Canada World Cup May 18 last night, the Chinese women’s football team defeated the Myanmar team 3-0 in the second round of the 18th Asian Women’s Asian Cup group match, becoming the first team to win the 2015 Women’s World Cup in addition to the host Canada.Qualified teams.  Faced with the 12-0 victory over the Korean team in Myanmar, the Chinese team made adjustments to the starting shift that day. The goalkeeper is still Zhang Yue. The defender Wang Lingling replaced Liu Shanshan as the left back. Li Jiayue, Wu Haiyan and Li Dongna remained unchanged.  Zhang Xin and Wang Chen replaced Xu Yanlu and Huang Yi, and sat in the midfield with Han Peng and Ren Guixin.On the front line, Yang Li, who achieved the “Big Four”, was hidden by the snow, replaced by Gu Yasha, and partnered with Li Ying.  In the 10th minute of the first half, the Chinese team broke the deadlock.Gu Yasha crosses from the left and Ren Guixin grabs a shot in front of the goal and enters the net.  Subsequently, the Chinese team did not make much progress in the face of the Myanmar team’s full-line contraction defense.In the 29th minute, Li Dongna shot the ball into the net before the opponent’s goalkeeper attacked, but the referee made a foul first.After Yang Li replaced Zhang Xin, the Chinese team besieged the Myanmar team, but the score remained at 1:0 in the first half.  Easy side battle again, the Chinese team replaced Ma Xiaoxu, continue to put pressure on the Myanmar team.The entire second half of the game was basically played in the Myanmar team half.  In the 73rd minute, the Chinese team passed the ball to the penalty area. The Myanmar team player Puen Palace made a mistake. Yang Li passed the bottom line back to the middle. Ma Xiaoxu, who had just changed the field, did not shoot the target position. After the thigh touched the ball, he rebounded to the opposing defenderHis head bounced into the net, 2: 0.  In the 86th minute, the Chinese team attacked on the right. Wu Haiyan on the 5th hung into the small penalty area at a 45-degree angle outside the penalty area. The outspoken Yang Li shook his head and entered the opponent’s gate, increasing his number of goals in this game to five.One, to continue to lead the Asian Women’s Asian Cup goalscorer list, the Chinese team won 3:0.  After winning this campaign, the Chinese team scored 6 points in two consecutive victories. No matter what the outcome of the next match between the South Korean team and the Thai team, and the final round of the group stage with the South Korean team, the Chinese team will reset Group B qualifying.  According to FIFA rules, this Asian Cup is also a qualifying match for the 2015 Canadian Women’s World Cup.Due to the expansion of this World Cup final stage to 24 teams, the top four of this Asian Cup, that is, the two teams before the automatic qualifying for the World Cup finals.AFC media official Chetan Kurkani congratulated the Chinese coach Hao Wei after the game.Kurkani told Xinhua News Agency: “In addition to host Canada, the Chinese team is currently the first national team on every continent to receive tickets for the World Cup final next year.”