2015NBA Finals Warriors VS Cavaliers third quarter situation: Della single points 10 points_1

2015 NBA Finals Warriors VS Cavaliers third quarter situation: Della 10 points in a single quarter
The Cavaliers face the Warriors at home. The current game has entered the third quarter. The home team is in full swing, and the Warriors playing almost collapsed.The score is currently 72-55, the Cavaliers led by a full 17 points.  In the two quarters, the Cavaliers established a 7-point lead, and Delavido’s half-time performance spiked Curry.In the second half, this situation continued. De La Vidova made a three-pointer from the outside and made a breakthrough and then hit again. The individual has already scored two numbers.Immediately after James made another shot, the bottom line hit a jumper, 53-43.James took the rebound and Thompson drummed up Yu Yong, broke the attack and dunked in front of Mozgov, and Delavedova made another three-pointer. Curry finally got 2 points in the jumper.Defensively intercepted Curry.It was Dravido’s turn to assist. James made a bow and made a three-pointer.  When the point difference opened to 13 points, Steve Cole could only request a timeout.It was just that the embarrassment continued, and De La Vidova grabbed an offensive rebound and tossed it, and even hit the ball.JR again, Mozgov received James assists dunk, the gap between the two sides was opened to an amazing 20 points!Perhaps no matter how imaginative the foretellers are, they dare not imagine that such a fact will appear in the finals.  After being forced into desperation, Curry finally desperately started to overlap, and after Barbosa hit the bottom line, the difference between the two sides narrowed to 15 points.It was only at the critical moment that James fouled Livingston and fouled two free throws to stabilize the situation.  In the third quarter alone, Delavido had 10 points in his account.Correspondingly, Curry only scored 10 points in three quarters.(Yang Willie)